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Copy protection software to protect documents

Copy Protection Software for Flash & Video

Unless you can find a secure Flash viewer which runs locally, which you can't because it won't be providing proper copy protection, then you need to look at copy protection software for use online where you actually have more control because the Flash file won't be saved to the user's computer in a way that can be exploited easily.

The reason that you can have more control over online Flash is because you can introduce components that cannot be integrated inside Flash. With a Flash player displayed on a web page you can add copy protection to the web page which in turn protects the Flash and the video that it may be displaying.

CopySafe Web uses of a web browser plugin that is supported in all Windows web browsers, protecting all Flash and video from printscreen and screen capture. Alternatively, the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides copy protection for web pages with Flash and video that is far superior to anything already available or imagined. While displayed in the ASPS Web Reader anything on the web page is most securely protected from all avenues of capture including screen capture and screen recording.

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