Copy Protection Software for Email

When it comes to the Copy Protection of email, we need to look at what part of the mail service is protected. For example secure email can mean a lot of things and the different solutions promoted as being for secure mail can be very different in what they actually do and the expent of their protection.

For example some secure mail services can be proud of the fact that their web services cannot be attacked and that their user lists are securely stored and safe from spammers. Other services promote anti-spam and anti-virus features that can useful for protecting innocent mail users. Most of these services utilise secure protocols and sometimes point to point encryption.

But is there any service that can ensure that the email message in transit cannot be decoded, and that the emails on each end point are securely stored and safe from prying server staff?

For one to consider an email service as being safe and the messages adequately copy protected, as a minimum onewould expect the following list of features:

  • proprietary encryption of messages delivered between server and mail user
  • proprietary encryption of messages stored on the server
  • proprietary encryption of sender and recipient details
  • proprietary encryption of address books
  • assurance that deleted emails are wiped from the server
  • the ability to set expiration on an email message and its contents
  • the ability to limit just who can access the message

Of all the secure mail services advertised on the web, and regardless of how may thousands of dollars you can pay, none can be as secure as using the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) with Webmail on your own dedicated or virtual server.

Securing WebMail

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) with WebMail can be the most securely protected messaging system because no other mail system is better protected from all save, print and copy methods. ASPS provides an encrypted tunnel between the message server and the ArtisBrowser ensuring that your information cannot be exploited.

Of course WebMail will need some customisation to close some avenues of exploit and ensure that only the ArtisBrowser can login and read mail, but any web develoer should be able to do that. The choice of WebMail is open and can be based on ASP, CGI or PHP.

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