Copy Protection Software For Web Pages

Copy Protection Software for Web Pages

When it comes to the Copy Protection of web pages, one can be at the mercy of web browser designers. Because to access your web site most visitors will be using one of the popular web browsers and unfortunately they have all been designed to win a popularity contest; that is... they have have been designed to enable users to access, copy and save all and everything found on your web site.

So when it comes to restricting and protecting web content from copy, one has two basic choices:

a) succumb to allowing popular web browsers and utilise a plugin as a browser add-on, or
b) restrict access to your protected sections to a web browser properly designed for copy protection.

Installing third party plugins and applications

Forcing site visitors to download and install a plugin or a new web browser can be seen by some as a inconvenience. But sorry to say, there is no other way. Anyone who beleives or tries to convince you that web pages and their content can be protected from copy by using any other meas is either a con merchant or a very misguided fool.

There is nothing that JavaScript or Java can do about preventing a visitor from using screen capture software, mainly because security policies will not allow scripts that can run from a web page to do much more than manipulate content on that page. JavaScript and Java can do absolutely nothing at system level of an operating system which is where the clipboard lives.

The most secure web site protection

Of all the entities promoting solutions for the copy of web pages and web site media, there is only one company that propvides proper all protection and they have been doing it since they invented "copy protection".

ArtistScope provide a variety of protection systems for all types of media. They are the innovators in this field and there isn't another solution that can match any of the systems designed by ArtistScope. For the protection of web page media they provide a choice of methods... use a web browser plugin or use a secure web browser.

Copy protection plugin for web browsers

CopySafe Web uses image encryption for the most secure protection of images but it extends its protection to anything dsplayed on a web page sporting even the mallest of encrypted images. CopySafe Web uses of a web browser plugin that is supported in all Windows web browsers, protecting all media from printscreen and screen capture.

Copy protection using a secure web browser

The ultimate solution is to use the ArtisBrowser. The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides copy protection for web pages, images, Flash and video that is far superior to anything already available or imagined. Unlike normal web browsers, the ArtisBrowser has been specially designed to prevent copy. While displayed in the ArtisBrowser anything on the web page is most securely protected from all avenues of capture including screen capture and screen recording.

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